Poached – Dimensions: 16″ wide x 54″ high x 3″ deep

Those beautiful snakeskin shoes. That gorgeous lizard purse. And what about that great looking alligator tote and handsome red fox fur coat? And don’t forget about the tiger throw rug. Nice, aren’t they??? But what happens when these animals are almost poached out of existence? What happens when they become extinct?

Poachers have been the biggest threat to much of our wildlife. They pursue these animals because various species are unique, adorable or exotic looking. After the poachers leave, most of these species become rare, decimated and virtually eliminated.

Poachers are driven by high demand, high prices and sexual fantasies that increase the libido. Many of these animals will become extinct, so that in the future our next generation will only be able to view photographs of once existing creatures.

Stop the poachers and drive them out! Enforce all existing laws, educate the masses and dismantle the black markets where these animals are sold and these people make hefty monetary gains.

In the future, let’s refer to the word “poached,” when preparing an egg!