Confetti Roulette is from my newest body of work. It is a sculptured wall-hanging, assembled like an applique piece. The sculptural forms were created individually, stuffed with fiber-fill and sewn onto a “base” piece. Some forms were quilted and some were gathered.

Confetti Roulette was created specifically to enhance the curved wall and room where it was ultimately hung. It is a textile sculptural wall-hanging, measuring 32 inches wide and 47 inches long. The colors used were rust, turquoise, brown, chocolate and creme.

Aesthetically, I have constructed an “abstract work” of art that begs to be touched. The textures that I created visually appeal to the eye and somewhat ruffles the retina. The “urge” to feel Confetti Roulette becomes irresistible.

I invite you to take a tour through The Birth of “Confetti Roulette.” It will give you an idea of how I created this textile sculptural wall-hanging.


~Jill N. Parker-Trotter

Take the pictorial tour of The Birth of “Confetti Roulette” by clicking here!